Vibe Ride Indoor cycling certification is the only rhythm-based indoor cycling certification that includes performance technology training. This certification founded by successful studio owners who know how to teach methods designed to enhance fitness performance, and to make your classes stand out from traditional cycling classes.  This is the perfect certification if you are looking to enhance your fitness career, bring a unique style to your studio, or simply optimize your cardio workouts. The next live workshop is on December 16, 2018 at Vibe Ride Midtown!

In addition to earning continuing education units for NASM and  AFAA you will:

  •      Learn how to ride to the beat to create an unforgettable class
  •      Command higher pay for an accredited and recognizable certification
  •      Develop unique playlists, and learn how use music to motivate the class
  •      Perform drills, jumps, and pair upper-body movements to pedal strokes and music beats in perfect sync  
  •      Ensure the safety of your riders
  •      Understand the importance of and best practices for engaging your riders and marketing your classes

  Upcoming certification workshops

On December 16, 2018, Vibe Ride Midtown studio in Atlanta Georgia, located at 950 W Peachtree St NW, Atlanta, GA 30309 will be hosting a certification workshop from noon-6pm. The regular price is $249, but if you purchase by December 1st, you save $100 and the cost is just $149!!! SIGN-UP!

Please wear workout attire and bring cycling shoes if you have them. Please also bring a towel, water, headphones, music on a mobile device (it can be your cell phone) and pen and paper. You may also want to pack a snack.

Remember, you can also get certified online! There are four components to this process:

1)   Online Video component:

2)   Review of notes and outline

3)   Phone conversation and interview with a Master Instructor

4)   Skype, Face Time or similar video conferencing for virtual skills assessment (you will need to be on an indoor cycle). Please send videos of you instructing, playlist and cues if you are currently an indoor cycling instructor.

5)   Receive a hard copy of your official certification

The cost of our online certification is $199 per person. If you use promo code $100 by December 31st, you will get $100 off, and pay just $99 for your certification! You will have 72 hours to view your 45-minute video, and can pay and watch at the link provided, above. Please email after you have made your payment so we can send you the written materials to accompany the video. After you watch the video, please let us know so we can schedule your phone conversation and video conference call. Reach out with any questions or technical difficulties.

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