Get to know our Cardio Kick and and “TNT” (Tight ‘n’ Toned) fitness instructor, Elle! Check her out Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings, and read more about her passion and fitness journey below.
1. Why do you coach?
I coach because I LOVE IT! It is so much fun to help teach and inspire others to improve their holistic well-being.

I personally went through my own transformation journey losing over 30 pounds. Since it has been my mission to create a positive impact on all those I encounter. Both in physical and mental fitness. I believe that it all begins with a desire and commitment to decide to change. Once you do, then you must become fully invested to transform into your best self. First we must shift our mindset and focus, accompanied with proper nutrition and a solid exercise routine. Combined you have the capability to achieve your goals and optimum results. I am here to help coach and motivate you every step of your journey.

2. What type of classes do you teach and what can vibers expect from your class?
I currently teach a class called Cardio Kick. This is a TOTAL BODY CALORIE BURN! It’s a dynamic non-stop HIIT training that truly tests all fitness levels. Yes there are modifications. The class is designed to challenge you to push yourself to new limits and increase strength. Chisel and tighten your core, build your glutes, and tone those arms. Increase cardiovascular stamina and burn fat. A high intensity fun sweat that will leave you burning calories long after you finish.
3. What is your favorite current hit song and artist?
Anything Cardi B or Upbeat Drake. I just love the Beats and the Tempo when it comes to throwing kicks, combinations and squatting. Pulse & hold it low!
4. What is something unusual/unique about yourself (completely unrelated to fitness)?
Outside of fitness I love to create, get crafty, read and write. I also enjoy public speaking engagements. I just recently launched my book “The Blueprint: The 90-Day Breakthrough to Shift Your Mindset & Transform Your Life” !! It is now available on Amazon!! In addition, I have a couple women empowerment speaking engagements coming up 🙂 Stay Tuned.
5. Favorite quote or cue? (related to fitness)
“Settle For More”
What I tell my clients throughout class: “Come on Let’s GO! Mind over Matter. Push Yourself! You Got This!”
6. A fitness tip for 2018?
Remember your WHY in all that you do. Make sure it’s powerful and let it be the fire that lights your soul!
Know that Any resolution that is made today, with intent to conquer, must be made again tomorrow. Success is never owned. It is only rented, and is due each day. 🙌🏽😄 Hence you must change your appetite, the disciplines you create now that may seem challenging, you will crave to do them tomorrow, naturally. The sacrifices made today, won’t even tempt you tomorrow. Your Appetites will change through your willingness to do 😄  Take this time to fully INVEST IN YOU! Be Intentional. Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet! #BESTSELF ❤
7. Anything else you think is relevant or important for members to know about you.
I am from Tacoma, WA (not to far from Seattle, WA). I moved to Atlanta alone with a dream of success and independence. No job, No Friends, No Nothing. I experienced hardship, failures and made mistakes along the way to where I am today. But all that failure, all that breakdown lead to my breakthrough. Know that you have the potential to pursue and create anything your heart desires. With committing to daily discipline with consistent action, along with making the necessary sacrifices and learning to say NO to temptations will get you from A-Z much faster than you think. Put in the work, and you will have that rocking body, rocking career, rocking life or whatever you know and desire to rock your world. You CAN Make Your Dream Your Reality!
8. Social Media handles?
Instagram: @theelleross
Facebook: & @BFITwithElle
SnapChat: @theelleross
Twitter: @theelleross