Alright lezzzz be honest for a second, your first time indoor cycling is going to be awkward. You’re not really going to know what you’re doing; it may be little uncomfortable; you’ll be in different positions, and probably leave in a little pain. Yes, your first cycle class (what did you think I was talking about) can be a little intimidating if you don’t know what your getting into. Good news, though! I’ve complied a brutally honest list ofALL things to know before you take your first ride to ensure you do it right. 

Arrive Early

Try to get to the class at least 15 minutes early. If this is the first time you’ve ever been to this gym you’ll want enough time to learn your way around and get situated. Don’t be scared to let the staff know it’s your first time; you are not bothering them. Trust me they are happy you are there. This gives you time to ask any questions, and allows them tell you anything you may need to know about the studio or the class.


Get Bike Fit

If the bike don’t fit, you’re going to quit. Say what? Use that extra time you have before class to make sure you get your bike set up correctly and get clipped in if you are wearing cycling shoes. A good coach will ask before class starts and help get you set. If for some reason no one asks, make sure you ask someone for help. If your bike is not set up correctly, not only will that make the ride less enjoyable and less effective, but you could also risk injuring yourself.



Just like you car can’t run on empty, neither can you. This does not mean hit up the golden arches drive through on your way to class. But your body needs fuel to give you energy and get you through your workout. Try to have a light snack (maybe a piece of fruit, almonds, or some protein) 30 minutes to an hour prior to class.


Dress for Success 

Yes, this applies in the gym. You want to wear clothing that will maximize your workout. So unless you are part of the 1% who can ride for days in booty shorts, I highly suggest wearing some type of leggings. My very first class I wore running shorts, no bueno. Trust me, cycling shorts, capris, or full-length leggings are your safest bet. And ladies if you’re blessed in chest, support the girls. Although this is stationary bike, you will be moving in and out of the seat, and the Ts will be flopping all over if you are not wearing proper support. Trust.


Don’t Wax

Nope, I’m not referring to your eyebrows. I told you this was a brutally honest list. Ladies (and gents – nothing wrong with manscaping) take my word for it, don’t schedule your first class within 24 hours of this grooming ritual. Take it from someone who knows. I came in. I sat down. I got right back up and left. Ouchy.



It’s going to be hot, you’re going to sweat, you need to be hydrated, and stay hydrated. Make sure you bring a water bottle to class and drink as needed through out the ride. It’s recommended to drink 8 oz. within 30 minutes prior to class, 24 oz. during, and 8 oz. following.

You Can’t Ride With Us

Yes, you can! Don’t be intimidated because you are new. We were all new at some point. There will always be an array of fitness levels and capabilities in any class you take, but don’t let that stop you from trying. Don’t worry about keeping up with everyone else; just do your best. If you need to sit, lower your resistance, or go at a slower pace there is no shame is your game, just keep moving. Your strength and endurance will come over time.


Stay for the Whole Class

A true boss doesn’t give up. Whether you’re a newbie to working out or fitness pro, your first class will be challenging. You may be tempted to dip out a little early, but hang in there and finish the drill. You’ll feel so much more accomplished and proud by staying till the end.


Try More Than 1 Class

Not every instructor, gym, or class is the same, so if you were not completely satisfied, try again until you find what fits your needs best. There are so many benefits of indoor cycling, so don’t give up on it after just one try. And yes “the soreness” will eventually go away. Now that you’ve been prepped, you can handle any class like the BOSS you were meant to be!

If you’re in the Atlanta area, let Vibe Ride be your first. Remember your first class is just $10!