Karen is new to Team Vibe Ride, but fitness is old hat to this girl. You can catch her at our Grant Park studio sweating and flexing at our 6am, weekday classes.Name:  Karen Olson
What do you teach?  Indoor Cycling and Yoga. Barre. Burn.
Where are you from? Minnesota
What is your favorite song?  Depends on the day and my mood, but anything that gets me moving!Who is your favorite artist? I love anything sung, written, or produced by Prince or Pharrell.
What hobbies do you have outside of being a fitness instructor? Traveling to big cities or quiet beaches!
What is something about you that many people would find surprising? I absolutely hated the first indoor cycling class I took and almost never went back.
What motivated you to get into fitness/teaching?  I love the way I feel after a class and wanted to help other people have that amazing feeling too!