Our Mission


Vibe Ride enables and empowers its members to define fitness for themselves by building a fitness community dedicated to consistent improvement in an open, supportive and dynamic environment. We offer a range of classes, including pound, barre and indoor cycling for all fitness levels. Our talented and supportive fitness coaches are here to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. If you enjoy riding to upbeat tunes, being a part of a supportive team and learning from instructors that are incredibly energetic and motivated then Vibe Ride is the place for you!
                           Our Fitness Community


Beyond simply having members, Vibe Ride is a fitness community. Beyond simply being a place to get fit, Vibe Ride is an integral part of the dynamic, progressive lifestyle of its members. Beyond simply being in business, Vibe Ride is a fully invested contributor to the Atlanta community and a stakeholder in neighborhood affairs. Beyond simply being one choice among many, Vibe Ride is Atlanta’s best boutique indoor cycling studio. Come be a part of our diverse and driven fitness community - we are always happy to see our community grow!
                             Our Promise


We built Vibe Ride with a rebellious spirit, and we’ll always stay true to what got us here. We challenge notions of what a boutique fitness studio is and we challenge our members to fulfill their potential. Whether it is singing along to your favorite song or perfecting a challenging Rhythm Ride drill, we promise to deliver a great time and help you burn tons of calories in the process. We will hold you accountable as you progress in your fitness journey, and keep you motivated. Sign up for a class today and get on the path to achieving your ultimate fitness goals!
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