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Keiwana (Kiwi) Walton

Hey there! My name is Keiwana (Key-wah-nah), aka (Little Ms) Kiwi, bka Drill Sargent. A little bit about me; I have a Bachelors in Nutrition and Food Science and a Masters in Health Administration. During the day, I am a recruiter extraordinaire but my passion lies in health and fitness. I have been cycling since 2013 & became an instructor in 2017. Cycling saved my life – pulled me out of a dark place and gave me a family, my best friend/big sister, a community, peace, and I dropped 70+ lbs in the process! I can’t keep this to myself, I must share with the world! I love to motivate, encourage, uplift, and sparkle (because girls don’t sweat, we sparkle). I have one rule for my class: Have fun! So if you catch me randomly doing the cabbage patch, dance with me! We all have something to celebrate!