Hi there. I’m Coach Taliah. I teach Cycle & Sculpt as well as Cycling. I’m originally from Seattle, but I’ve been in Atlanta for almost 14 years now. My favorite song is Around The Way Girl by LL Cool J. I definitely know all the words. I don’t really have a favorite artist, but I like Pop and R&B from the 90’s and today I’m really feeling Cardi B, not only from her music, but her general attitude as well. You can find me on Instagram under _finance_and_fitnesspro. Outside of instructing fitness classes, I’m all about spending time with my son, watching movies, reading, going out to eat, shopping and participating in CrossFit classes. Most people are surprised when they find out I’m a vegetarian. I was motivated to get into fitness, because self care is extremely important to me. The reason I started teaching fitness classes is because I did a fitness competition. I did not realize I was inspiring others to get fit and eat healthy. The problem with that, is I decided body building competitions were not for me. I received an opportunity to teach indoor cycling and I realized how I can still be an inspiration to motivate others.