At Vibe Ride, our primary goal is ensuring that every one of our members gets in a great workout and has an awesome time while doing so! For those of you who are Vibe Ride or indoor cycling regulars, you may already know a lot about indoor cycling. But, if you are on the fence or if you are just looking to learn more about the world of indoor cycling, we are sharing some of the most important, and exciting, things you may not know about indoor cycling.

Indoor Cycling Studio

1. Indoor Cycling is Geared Towards All Skill Levels

While some workout regimens may require prior experience or a certain skill set, indoor cycling can be pursued by anyone interested in getting in shape. Thanks to the instruction provided by people such as our fitness coaches, you can come into class knowing nothing about indoor cycling and come out having gotten a full-body workout! Professional indoor cycling studios or classes will take the time to walk you through the process prior to your first indoor cycling class, ensuring you understand how your bike works, ways you can control your workout and more. Further, indoor cycling is low resistance, meaning that it is easy on places like your knees and ankles as compared to other workouts. Make sure you keep in mind that just because indoor cycling is low resistance, it doesn’t mean that your class will be easy though 🙂

2. Indoor Cycling is What You Make It

One of the interesting things about indoor cycling that may not be known to all is that you are in control of your workout the entire class. Even though you are being lead and motivated by a fitness coach, you ultimately decide if you want to increase your gear, up your speed or add in a funky upper body movement. While some participants prefer receiving instruction from an indoor cycling professional, others know what their specific goals are and use those instructions more as a guideline for the class. The flexibility of indoor cycling lets you decide what kind of a workout you get and, as mentioned above, helps this type of exercise appeal to all skill levels.

Indoor Cycling Class

3. Indoor Cycling Can Help You Burn Fat and Strengthen Muscle

While most people know that indoor cycling is a great way to torch hundreds of calories, many may not know that it can also strengthen your muscles. Increasing your RPM, or rotations per minute, is a great way to realize the cardiovascular benefits of an indoor cycling workout. If you are also looking to strengthen your muscles though, you can start by increasing your bike’s resistance. An indoor cycling bike’s resistance is what makes it feel like you’re riding on a flat road or going up a huge hill. If your indoor cycling class is too easy or if you are simply looking to strengthen those leg muscles, adding resistance to your bike will help strengthen your legs and your core. Further, several indoor cycling classes are starting to incorporate light-medium dumbbells into their routines, helping you strengthen those upper body muscles as well.

We hope these facts about indoor cycling will help you start, or continue to, be involved in the indoor cycling community. Once you understand these pieces of information we also invite you to share them with your friends and family as we would be happy to welcome them to our Vibe Ride fitness community!