Where is Vibe Ride? Is there parking?

Vibe Ride is located in the heart of Midtown Atlanta at 950 W Peachtree St NW, Suite 225, Atlanta, GA 30309. This is the Plaza Midtown complex with Marlow’s, Publix and Steel. There is a parking garage attached, and you may park on levels 1-3 free of charge. The parking garage entrance in on Peachtree Place NW and also 8th St. Our front door is on W Peachtree St NW, or you enter from L2 in the parking deck. There is also metered street parking available. Vibe Ride is conveniently located across the street form the Midtown MARTA stop. You can view a map here.

Why should I workout at Vibe Ride?

Vibe Ride can provide you with the fitness and wellness results you wish to achieve in an energetic environment with a supportive community, and the best coaches. Our classes are meticulously designed to provide you with a total body workout that is fun and effective. We pride ourselves on community and motivational teamwork, and we have state-of-the-art technology that allows you to track your progress over time. Learn more about our Vibe Ride and Vibe Body classes.

What non-cycling classes do you offer?

Strength and conditioning classes are essential to a holistic fitness regimen, and a great way to develop long, lean muscles. Our Vibe Body classes integrate barre workout, kettle bells, and weighted balls in a body works class that is challenging and effective. We feature Pound – and dance-based workout with drumsticks, bootcamp classes, and more. For the best results, we suggest you purchase an unlimited membership that provides you with a combination of our Vibe Rides and Vibe Body classes.

This sounds great! How do I join?

Choose the class you’d like or choose the package that is best for your fitness needs. You may make your purchase online or in our studio.

When can I reserve a class?

Members may reserve classes two weeks in advance. ClassPass members have a shorter reservation window that is dictated by ClassPass.

What type of Vibe Ride class should I reserve?

All of our Vibe Rides will give you a high-intensity workout that combines strength training and cardio. Rhythm Rides pair a song’s beats per minute to your rotations per minute and incorporate upper body movements with cycling. Road Rides emphasize form and simulate an outdoor cycling experience. Remix Rides are a combination of Road Rides and Rhythm Rides. Read more about the variety of Rides we offer here.

How do I match the class to my fitness level?

All Vibe Rides and Vibe Body classes are appropriate for all fitness levels. Your coach will offer modifications. You will be challenged and encouraged to push yourself to your limits, but you may exercise at your own pace.

What should I wear?

You should wear comfortable workout clothes and sneaker. If you are taking a Vibe Ride class, be sure your pants leg will not get caught in the pedal. We advise wearing cycling shoes that we offer to maximize your performance and comfort. Vibe Body classes utilize barre methods, circuit training, strength training methods and other cardio and weight training techniques. Wear workout clothes that allow you to be flexible and active.

What do I need to bring to class?

We suggest wearing your workout clothes to the studio, if possible, and bringing at least 24 oz. of water to stay hydrated during class. If you are coming to cycle, please make sure your pants are tapered or short enough so that they do not get caught in the pedal. We provide a towel, and also water for will be available for purchase. You may also fill your water bottle with complimentary filtered water that is provided in the studio. Cycling shoes are provided at no extra charge. Barre participants may wear socks or go barefoot. If you are taking cycle and circuit, body sculpting, kettle bell or circuit training, or total body conditioning, please bring or wear athletic shoes.

What do I do when I get to Vibe Ride?

We suggest arriving to Vibe Ride 15 minutes prior to your scheduled class. Visit our helpful assistant coaches at the front desk to check-in, place your valuable items in a locker and get ready to have a fun and motivating workout!

Which Vibe Ride package should I buy?

Vibe Ride has competitive pricing options for those interested in burning fat and building lean muscle. $99 per month allows you to take an unlimited number of all of our classes, which will optimize your results. We also offer Rise and Vibe packages and classes if you workout exclusively on weekdays before 2PM and weekends before 10:30am. If you are on ClassPass and want to add a few classes, send us an email. Please email us at info@jv9.4b0.myftpupload.com if you want to discuss the option that is best for you.

When will the classes I bought expire?

Regular-priced five packs expire  three months from the date of purchase and regularly-priced ten packs expire in four months. Regularly-priced 20 packs expire in 8 months. Unlimited packages auto-renew, and require two weeks notice to cancel. Read our Terms and Conditions for more information.

What if I have to cancel my class?

You must cancel your class by accessing your account online twelve hours before class to avoid losing the credit for that class. If you do not show up to a class you reserved by the beginning of class, you forfeit the credit for that class and will not receive a refund. If you do not show up to a class you reserved and you have an unlimited package, you will be charged a $15 no show fee. Read our Terms and Conditions for more information.

What if I reserve a class, but don’t show up?

If you do not show up to a class you reserved, you forfeit the credit for that class and will not receive a refund. If you do not show up to a class you reserved and you have an unlimited package, you will be charged a $15 no show/ late cancel fee. Read our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Hey! The class I want to take is full!

You can request to be placed on the wait list for any class that is full. If a spot opens up, you will be automatically booked in the class. If someone enrolled in the class cancels prior to start time and you get into the class, you will receive an email. If you do not receive an email, you may come to the studio to see if someone fails to show up for class, allowing a space in the class for you. To avoid being charged a no show fee or losing credits, be sure to take yourself off of the waitlist by accessing your account online if you cannot attend class. Read our Terms and Conditions for more information.

How do I measure my results?

Your cycling performance metrics are archived in your My Stats account.

Explain Vibe Right.

Vibe Right is Vibe Ride’s holistic wellness program that provides you with an analysis of your performance metric data, whether that data is from cycling, running, or other workouts. We then schedule an in-depth consultation with you to discuss a nutrition plan, exercise plan, and your physical health to create an action plan designed to meet your needs.

Do you have a weight loss program?

Vibe Ride has a premiere nurse practitioner consultant who can assist you with medically supervised weight loss under the Vibe Right program. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Can I give my friend some of my classes?

No, classes are not transferrable. However, if you refer a friend who buys a package, let us know and we will add credit to your account.

Can I buy a gift card for someone else?

Yes, visit our Gift Cards page to make a purchase.

Do you give discounts for students or anyone else?

Yes, upon presentation of proper identification. Read more here.

Can I rent out your space for a private or corporate event?

Vibe Ride’s two-level boutique fitness studio space that features a DJ booth and state-of-the-art audio visual and lighting design is the ideal location for a private party or a corporate event. Contact us to schedule your personal Vibe Ride experience.

I’m pregnant (or have some other medical condition).

Although many expectant mothers have taken our classes, we suggest you consult your physician before taking a Vibe Ride or Vibe Body class.

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