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Fitness Technology

The Vibe Ride team is dedicated to the consistent improvement of every member and is proud to offer advanced fitness technology to optimize the results of each member’s fitness journey. To take full advantage of Vibe Ride’s technology, create your My Stats account prior to your first ride. Once you arrive in our studio, saddle up to a Keiser M3i fully adjustable cycle. The sleek, state-of-the-art M3i is equipped with a Bluetooth wireless computer that not only measures and displays your power (in watts), speed, calories burned, and miles, but also shows the information transmitted from your heart rate monitor. Selected performance data is transmitted to our Vibe Ride TVs in real time during class, so that you can compete as an individual or as a team.

Selected performance data is also transmitted and projected to the Leaderboard, in real time, during class, and will be emailed to you after class. If you want to engage in healthy competition with your fellow riders, you can also choose to display your personal statistics on our HDTVs, which are powered by the Performance IQ system. You will be able to track which row is in the lead, so you can make sure that ride hard and help push your team over the finish line! These data include:

Power: Measured in watts, power is a combination of your speed (RPM) and resistance. You can increase your power by either increasing RPM (pedaling faster) while holding resistance constant or increasing resistance while holding RPM constant. Or, by increasing RPM and resistance.
RPM: Revolutions per minute, which is your speed.
Energy: Accumulation of power measured in Kilo Joules (KJ). Your energy expenditure provides indication of your caloric burn. The higher the energy the greater the calories burned.

Download the Vibe Ride app to view your stats and to share them with your friends on social media. We will also send you an email with your stats after each class; this data will be archived in your account, so that you can track your improvement over time.

Are you new to technology? The supportive Vibe Ride coaches will explain the system and walk you through each step regarding the studio electronics, bikes, and performance data. In no time you’ll be so high tech that you’ll wonder how you ever exercised without measuring your performance and without the knowledge of “power.”